To Exercise Or Not

Once you've reached your weight loss goal, exercise plays a large role (along with the foods you eat) in maintaining that new weight. Creating a new "set-point" for the body is imperative, and can take six months to a year of proper weight maintenance. Here are several articles that can help guide you in your search for continued good health by adding exercise and fitness to your routine, at any age.


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Focus on Health 

The Best Defense is Health
It is clearly undisputed that the best preventative medicine is good health. People challenged us to add more to our weight loss program. The more they were asking about was simply more health. Not only what to eat more of, but what to consume less of. More about what we can drink, plant, buy, eat, or study to be healthier. We all want more out of life and we've found excellent tips, tricks, advice and even recipes to improve our lives. Everything we've found that makes sense to us has been small in nature. After all, by definition, if you're looking here for ideas then you're well ahead of the game. Small victories!

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